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According to Primaries, Time evolved alongside Man, with each influencing the other.

Fundamentally altered by Time Travel[]

With James Cole's first trip to the past, Time changes from something that "always moves in one direction" to being "driven crazy."

Circular Loops[]

  • "The Beginning is the End"
  • "No Beginning, No Ends"
  • "Chicken. Egg."
  • Ouroboros
  • "Creating the problems we're trying to solve."

Known Instances[]

  • Time travel was needed to create time travel in the first place. José Ramse needed to be sent back in time through the Machine in order to fund Raritan Laboratories (which created the Machine) and Markridge's creation of the virus (which motivates Jones to crack time travel).
  • James Cole ensuring his own existence. Cole needed to save his mother when she was a baby at Spearhead, so he could later be born.
  • Mantis's daughter Olivia is also her mother. Mantis was grown from Olivia's ova, but she would later need to give birth to Olivia to be born.
  • Jones needed help from her future self in order to crack the time travel serum. So where did the solution come from?
  • Hannah needed to pass on the Ouroboros poem to James Cole, but she only learns of it from from him in the future.
  • Leland Goines only learns about the virus in the Annapurna Remains from Cole, who has journeyed back in time to after the virus causes the apocalyptic future.
  • Cole learns about Thomas Crawford after seeing a message left by himself at the Emerson Hotel.

Timeline Changes[]

Very few events caused the timeline to shift, as actions in the past usually reinforced what was already happening.

  • The death of Cassandra Railly
  • The destruction of the Kalavirus