Spearhead had its genesis in 2015, as a project to provide a secure refuge for key figures such as government officials, the military, and scientists in case of a disaster.

After the first round of the plague and the government collapse the President, his advisers, and all the top scientists still alive were transferred there. When the virus mutated in 2033 it killed about more than half the survivors of the first strain. The leadership tried to locate to the western United States but Jonathan Foster mutinied after his wife died and killed those who wanted to move west.

The virus has mutated twice since Katarina Jones left the project. She feared that not even those who were left could survive another mutation.



Jones sent Ramse and Whitley to Spearhead to obtain a key piece of equipment needed to stabilize Project Splinter's power core. They were received by Colonel Foster, who claimed to be on the verge of discovering a vaccine that would adapt to new mutations of Kalavirus. Foster refused Jones's request, saying he needed the equipment for his vaccine development. When Project Splinter's power core burnt out completely, Jones herself came to Spearhead to ask for Foster's power core. After an argument, he agreed on condition that she return to Spearhead afterwards to work on the vaccine. Jones refused and resolved to obtain the core by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Ramse discovered that his former lover, Elena, was now working as a lab technician at Spearhead, and that she had borne him a son, Sam.

Jones ordered her team to attack Spearhead and seize the power core. She confronted and killed Foster herself, throwing Spearhead into chaos.

"Shonin" Edit

When Aaron Marker is fired, he meets with Royce and says he would like to work on a private sector project, a program intended to help the country survive a disaster. Royce says Aaron would be ideal to "spearhead" the project and says he is just about to meet one of the investors, who turns out to be Olivia.
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