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Robert Gale was an FBI agent from the 1940s through the 1960s.


Season 2[]

Gale was an FBI agent assigned to protect Thomas Crawford, Sr along with his partner Agent Stack. They encountered Cole at a party. When Cole claimed to be a veteran of WWII, Gale became keenly inquisitive, asking Cole to tell him more about his wartime experiences, and Railly had to help extract Cole from the conversation. After Crawford Sr. was found murdered, Gale immediately suspected Cole and Railly's involvement. They later showed up at the scene of Tommy Jr.'s murder, expressing bewilderment at the aftermath of the temporal paradox.[1]

Gale and Stack took Cole and Railly into custody and began interrogating them in secret, Stack beating up Cole and demanding to know whether he was a Nazi spy. Ramse rescued Cole and Railly, but in the process Cole let slip that they were from 2044, intriguing Gale. Later, Cole ran into Gale at the hospital where Mantis was being held. Based on various evidence he had found in his investigation, Gale said he believed Cole was indeed a time traveler and allowed him to speak with Mantis, who knocked both men down and escaped. Later, Gale witnessed Cole, Railly, and Ramse splinter to 2044. He entered room 607 in the Emerson Hotel and left a photograph of Cole and Railly, writing Crawford's name on the back.[2]

Gale helped Cole to find a former nazi doctor. While they're traveilling from East-Germany to West-Germany, Gale is killed by the Berlin's wall soldiers, saving Cole and his crew at the same time, from an sacrifice for te future.[3]

Season 3[]

Cole and Cassie reconnect with Gale in 1953 in their ongoing search for their son, Athan Cole.

Season 4[]



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