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Operation Troy was the codename for an operation the CIA devised in 2015 to assassinate Adam Wexler.


James Cole first learns of Operation Troy from Katarina Jones in an alternative future timeline from the episode The Red Forest.

The CIA wanted to kill Wexler before he could leak any more damaging information, but since he was hiding in Chechnya, they could not risk an airstrike lest it lead to war with Russia. Their proposal was to use the M5-10 virus to kill Wexler swiftly, without leaving any incriminating evidence. Senator Royce was involved in the operation.

The operation was unsuccessful, as the Army of the 12 Monkeys intercepted the CIA courier who was carrying the virus. Aaron Marker stole classified information on the operation from Royce, and he, James Cole, Cassandra Railly, working with the CIA, were able to stop the Army and prevent the virus from spreading.

Aaron's involvement in the operation would lead to his being fired from Royce's presidential campaign.

Operation Troy would be disclosed in its entirety during the plague that it contained a killer virus. It ruins trust of the Royce Administration and leads to people rising up and adding to more unrest adding to the near total collapse of humanity that it would take several cycles to eradicate the population of the earth in the 22nd century to include animal life.