Oliver Peters was a medical researcher, employed by the Markridge Group.


At a party in 2015 Peters told Cassandra Railly what he did professionally. Leland Goines explained that Peters "played God." After Cole tried to assassinate Goines, Peters performed medical tests on him, concluding that he was the product of highly advanced medical technology, decades beyond that of 2015.

At the CIA, Peters later briefed various government officials on the M5-10 virus, which would be used to assassinate Adam Wexler. He was also present at the CIA when Operation Troy went awry; he advised that Railly be allowed to help the CIA contain the virus.

After M5-10 was destroyed in Chechnya, Peters was kidnapped by the Army of the 12 Monkeys and forced to recreate the virus for them when they threatened his husband. He was found by Railly. When he learned his husband was dead, he begged Railly to kill him, but she let him go instead.

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