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For the episode, see The Night Room.

The Night Room is a mobile laboratory owned by Markridge Group that houses the Annapurna Remains, a corpse that is the origin of the M5-10 virus. The facility is extremely secure, masquerading under the guise of Mr. Bee's Restaurant Supply store and is complete with multiple security doors, alarms, and vaults to protect the virus. As a safety protocol, the facility also has a ultraviolet failsafe that will destroy anything, called The Big Burn. To activate the Big Burn, two switches must be flipped, one in the upper observation deck, and one of the main floor of the facility.



Jennifer Goines is brought to the Night Room for the very first time. She notes the Big Burn system and compares it to evening stars. While impressed with the security, Jennifer still fears that if the virus gets into the wrong hands, it could be the end of everyone and everything.


After learning about Henri Toussaint in 2015, Cole splinters to Haiti in 2014. Henri reveals that the Night Room could be located by the specialized equipment required for the "Big Burn," a mobile containment system that could destroy anything should the wrong virus get out. Cole kills Henri to protect the information from getting into the hands of the 12 Monkeys.


Cole learns of the Night Room from Jennifer Goines. She recalls the story of how the Army of the 12 Monkeys, led by the Pallid Man, broke into a Markridge Laboratory demanding the location of the Night Room. Jennifer refused to give them the information and they killed all of her colleagues except for one. This man also evidently knew the location of the Night Room. Soon after her visit with Cole, Jennifer is abducted by the Army of the 12 Monkeys, who hope to learn the location of the Night Room.

Cassie soon discovers that the man who escaped the night of the 12 Monkeys invasion years before is Henri Toussaint, a former colleague who was killed in Haiti in 2014. Cole travels back in time to learn the location of the Night Room before Henri was killed.

After Cole returns from 2014, Cassie begins searching for possible Night Room sites based on shipping data and technological capabilities. She finally locates it in Westminster, Maryland.

After locating the Night Room, Cassie and Cole break in. They are captured by the Pallid Man, who was there along with Jennifer Goines, having killed all but one of the Markridge scientists working inside. The Pallid Man has his subordinates cut open the vault, but they are unable to deactivate the final failsafe and access the virus-contaminated remains stored inside. The Pallid Man tricks Jennifer into bypassing the failsafe and removes the viral specimen, but Cole and Railly manage to activate the Big Burn and destroy it.