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Max was a scavenger and former member of the West VII. She later joined Project Splinter.


2032 Edit

She met Cole when he joined the West VII. Deacon assigned her to show Cole around and teach him the ways of the group.

2035 Edit

At some point in the last three years, she and Cole became lovers. In 2035, Cole fled the West VII with Ramse and left Max behind.

2043 Edit

Max encountered Ramse, who was patrolling the area near the Temporal Facility. She told him she had left the West VII and wanted Ramse to show her where he was staying. He let her go, and she reported to Deacon that she had found Cole.

Later, Cole was captured by the West VII and Max interrogated Cole to get the location of the entrance to the Temporal Facility. After Deacon went to attack the facility, Cole told her he had left her behind to protect her from Deacon and begged her to help him stop Deacon. She let him go and together they managed to save Jones and Ramse from Deacon's soldiers. Afterwards, she left the West VII and joined Project Splinter.

Max's suspicions about Jones prompted Ramse to search Jones' belongings, and he discovered that Jones had experimented on other time travelers, with fatal results.

Max was shot dead by Ramse when he tried to blow up the time machine in revenge for Elena's death.


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