Markridge Group is a large and prominent biotechnology company founded by Leland Goines. It produces many legitimate products with biological and medical applications. The company is also responsible for producing the Kalavirus, or M5-10.


1981 Edit

Marco C. founds Markridge Group, a biomedical engineering firm. The company goes on to become a leading figure in vaccine research. Privately, the company experiments with cloning, as well as researching chemical and biological munitions, most prominently for the CIA and DoD.


While in Tokyo to purchase DNA from Nakano, Goines explains that the Markridge Group will be able to clone a human being in ten years.

Goines is initially uninterested in the specimen Nakano is trying to sell him. He is visited by a time-traveling James Cole, who reveals that the corpse contains a virus. Intrigued, Goines purchases it.

The virus is kept in a top-secret facility known as the Night Room. The Night Room is equipped with a fail-safe, called the Big Burn, that will destroy the lab, and the virus, if the sample were to get out.

2011 Edit

Under the guidance of Jose Ramse, the Army of the 12 Monkeys invests in the Markridge Group to expedite the development of M5-10. Olivia and Ramse met Goines in person, revealing that the Army has been a silent partner in Markridge.

2013 Edit

A group of Army agents led by the Pallid Man attack a Markridge laboratory and killed all the scientists there except for Jennifer Goines and Henri Toussaint. Jennifer was blamed for the murders and institutionalized at J. D. Peoples Mental Hospital.


Goines orders the Night Room to be moved, saying that he felt the M5-10 virus was vulnerable.


After Goines is killed by James Cole, Jennifer inherits his fortune and stake in the company.

James Cole and Cassandra Railly break into the Night Room, finding that the Pallid Man is already there and has killed all Markridge staff there. Cole and Cassandra destroy the specimen containing the source of the M5-10 virus, along with much of the laboratory.

The CEO of Markridge gives a presentation to the board about the company's sinking fortunes when Jennifer barges in, announcing she had staged a hostile takeover of Markridge, and installs herself as the new CEO.

Jennifer gives a speech to Markridge shareholders, during which she announces she would give planet Earth back to the animals and work on cloning the dodo and the unicorn. The speech is not well-received by the audience.
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