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Whitley was a sergeant in Project Splinter's military arm. He shared a mutual disrespect with Cole and Ramse.



Prior to this time, Whitley was living at Spearhead. After Jonathan Foster instigated a coup and took over, he left with Katarina Jones for Project Splinter. This caused him to be estranged from his father, who remained at Spearhead as Foster's head of security.


Whitley captured Cole and Ramse when they attempted to steal food from a group of Jones' subordinates. He interrogated them and beat them badly.


Ramse and Whitley went on patrol in the area around the Temporal Facility. When they encountered Max, Ramse knocked Whitley out.

Whitley went with Ramse to Spearhead to request a stabilizer manifold from Foster so that Jones could repair the time machine. He met his father for the first time in 10 years.

Whitley persuaded his father to turn against Foster and help Jones take Spearhead's energy core by force.

After Ramse stole a special drug needed for splintering, Whitley led a group of soldiers from Project Splinter to find him. When one of his men, Eager soldier killed Elena, he immediately shots him to prevent Elena's group from attacking them. Afterwards, he refused to pursue Ramse any further, telling Jones to leave him alone so he could be a father to Sam. Later, he confronted Ramse when the latter returned to the Temporal Facility; Ramse knocked out Whitley again.

Whitley came to have a drink with Jones after Cole was sent to 2015 and lost in time, saying Project Splinter was over. After Jones stubbornly insisted that the mission was not over, he nearly wept as he recounted the sacrifices he had made for her. He then left Project Splinter with his soldiers.

A terrified Whitley later returned to the Temporal Facility in shock, holding a severed human head that had been pinned to his hands by unknown assailants using knives. He said only, "They're coming."