Leland Goines was born on December 3, 1958 in Red Bank, New Jersey. He was chief executive officer of the Markridge Group, which specialized in biomedical engineering. He was a widower with one child, Jennifer Goines.



Goines met Nakano at a Tokyo nightclub, the White Dragon, to discuss the purchase of some ancient human remains. Goines was skeptical until James Cole accosted him, demanding to know about the Army of the 12 Monkeys and claiming the remains contained a virus. After Cole and José Ramse fought, Goines decided to buy the remains.

2011 Edit

Goines met with Olivia and Ramse, who were representing the Army, which had invested in the Markridge Group as a silent partner. He recognized Ramse from Tokyo, but Ramse denied ever having met him.

2014 Edit

Goines visited Jennifer in the mental hospital. He was angered when she mentioned the Night Room, telling her she should never say such things aloud. He then told her it was best if she remained in the hospital and left. It was revealed that he had evidence she had not killed her colleagues in 2013, but had decided to keep her institutionalized regardless.


In January, Goines was the target of a failed assassination attempt by Cole. He had Cole and Railly abducted from police custody so that he could question them. His employees discovered that Cole's body had been enhanced using medical technology from decades in the future. While interrogating Cole, Goines recognized him and alluded to his previous meeting with Cole in 1987. Having gotten no information out of Cole, Goines ordered both him and Railly killed so he could dissect Cole. When Cole caused a temporal paradox by bringing together two iterations of Railly's watch, Goines was injured in the resulting "time storm" and shot dead soon after by Cole.


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