Col. Jonathan Foster was a military man, and the leader of Spearhead who seized power in a bloody coup. He was obsessed with finding a cure for the Kalavirus.


2033 Edit

Foster's wife succumbed to a mutation of the Kalavirus. The leaders of Spearhead proposed moving to another location, and Foster responded by instigating a coup, assassinating them all, and taking charge of Spearhead himself. These events prompted Katarina Jones and Marcus Whitley to leave Spearhead.

2043 Edit

Jones sent José Ramse and Whitley to ask Foster for Spearhead's stabilizer manifold so that Project Splinter could stabilize the time machine's energy core. Foster turned down Jones' request, saying he needed the resources for his own project: to find a cure for all possible mutations of the Kalavirus. Jones herself later arrived to negotiate with Foster. They argued about the merits of their different approaches to stopping the plague, and Foster accused Jones of being driven solely by an obsession with bringing back her dead daughter. He offered to let Project Splinter use Spearhead's energy core if Jones would permanently return to Spearhead and work on a cure.

Foster caught Ramse and Elena looking around his laboratory. He asked Ramse and Elena if they were working for Jones, and had them locked up. He met with Jones, who had come to see him, and they had a conversation about old times, reminiscing about how things were better years ago. Jones then shot Foster to death.


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