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Hannah Jones, also known as Zeit and Marion Woods is the daughter of Katarina Jones and Elliot Jones . She is also the mother of James Cole in the alternate timeline. As a baby, she died in the Spearhead facility during the outbreak of the Kalavirus. Her death becomes the ultimate motivator for her mother to invent time travel and undo the plague.


Season 1[]

Hannah is conceived during her mother and father's brief love affair. In late 2015, Katarina intends to terminate the pregnancy, but has second thoughts after meeting James Cole and Cassandra Railly.

Soon after her birth, Hannah and Jones move to the Spearhead facility following the release of the virus. Hannah dies from bacterial meningitis, although it is assumed she dies from the plague.

Hannah's death serves as the primary motivator for Jones to invent time travel and attempt to undo the plague.

Season 2[]

Following the timeline change that results in the virus being delayed, Hannah is a young girl living at Spearhead with her mother in 2020. She becomes mortally ill and is thought to have contracted the plague, but Railly and Cole, who had splintered to 2020 only to be trapped in a temporal loop, discover that she is suffering from meningitis and that it was Colonel Foster's policy of not treating plague victims that had resulted in her death. Railly saves Hannah; however, in order to break the temporal loop and ensure that Jones starts Project Splinter, she and Cole allow Jones to think Hannah is dead and give the girl to the Daughters to raise in secret.

After returning from 2020, Cole and Railly explain how they escaped the temporal loop by letting Jones think Hannah was dead. They then meet with the Daughters and reunite the adult Hannah with Jones.

Hannah accompanies the Daughters and the Project Splinter members on the search for Titan. She scouts the supposed location of Titan, and reports that there is nothing there. She is part of the group that infiltrate Titan and is killed in an ambush by the Witness's acolytes.

Hannah is brought back to life yet again after Cassie, Cole, and Jones arrive and stop the ambush before it happens.

Season 3[]


Season 4[]



  • When Cassie and Cole meet a younger Katarina in November 2015, she is in early stages of pregnancy with Hannah. This would make it so that Hannah was born in 2016, though exactly when is not shown/mentioned.
  • In the episode Lullaby, when we first meet Hannah, she is 27/28 years old.


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