The Emerson Hotel was a hotel which James Cole, Cassandra Railly, and José Ramse used as a base of operations while time traveling.


1944 Edit

At this time, the Emerson was a popular upscale hotel. When pursuing the Messengers to 1944, Cole and Railly decided to use the hotel as a meeting point to coordinate their arrivals. Cole arrived there first and purchased room 607.

After their mission failed, Cole, Railly, and Ramse stayed at the hotel while waiting for Jones to bring them back to 2044. Robert Gale later entered room 607 and placed the photo of Cole and Railly there, writing T.H. Crawford's name on the back.

2016 Edit

By this time, the hotel had become dilapidated and run-down, a shadow of its former glory. Jennifer brought Cole there after the latter was stranded in 2016. The manager recognized Cole and gave him the key to room 607, saying that a James Cole had purchased the room in perpetuity in 1944. Inside, Cole found numerous artifacts, including a photo of himself and Railly from 1944 with the name of T.H. Crawford written on the back.

Jennifer often visited the hotel with her friends, hoping to see Cole again. Taking advantage of this, when Railly splintered to 2016 to ask Jennifer about the Primaries, she went to the hotel, knowing that she would most likely find Jennifer there.


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