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Elliot Jones was a scientist who specialized in temporal research and the creator of the time machine. He was Katarina Jones's former husband, who left her after six days of marriage, and the father of their daughter Hannah.


Season 1[]

Elliot was the leader of a team at Raritan National Laboratories which had developed a prototype time machine. His work had advanced to the point where his team could send objects to the future but not the past. He allowed José Ramse, who had invested heavily in the development of the time machine under the pseudonym of Ethan Seki, unsupervised access to the machine, and gave him a dose of a drug that allowed people to splinter.[1]

Season 2[]

After Cole and Ramse's confrontation at Raritan, Elliot's research had been shut down and his work had been discredited, leaving him bitter and angry. He met with the Pallid Man, who commissioned him to build something called "Titan."[2]


Season 1
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"The Red Forest" "The Keys" "Yesterday" "Tomorrow" "Divine Move"
"Shonin" "Paradox" "Arms of Mine"
Season 2
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"Immortal" "Meltdown" "Lullaby" "Hyena" "Fatherland"
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