Elena was a former scavenger who eventually settled down at Spearhead, working as a lab technician. At one time she was the romantic interest of Ramse, and had a son by him, Sam.


Early LifeEdit

At some point after 2035, Ramse and Elena met and became lovers. Circa 2038, she abruptly left him without telling him why.[1]

Season 1Edit

She was reunited with Ramse when he came to Spearhead to request the use of their stabilizer manifold for the time machine. He asked her why she abandoned him, saying he would have protected her from the West VII. She replied that it wasn't her own safety she was worried about, and introduced him to their son, Sam.[1]

Ramse came to take her and Sam to safety when Katarina Jones's group attacked. They were caught by Foster and his men, who locked them in a room, but they escaped to a refuge. Elena questioned Jones' claims that Foster was lying about a cure for the Kalavirus, and suggested it was Jones who was lying.[2]

After Ramse destroyed Jones' wall of research on the history of the plague and stole the remaining supply of a special drug needed for splintering, she fled with him and Sam to a camp. She was killed by one of Marcus Whitley's men when Whitley and his soldiers came to look for Ramse.[3]


Season 1
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"The Red Forest" "The Keys" "Yesterday" "Tomorrow" "Divine Move"
"Shonin" "Paradox" "Arms of Mine"


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