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Charlie is one of the Messengers. He was sent back in time to 1957 in order to paradox a Primary.


Early Life[]

Charlie is born. The delivery of the Messenges is overseen by Olivia.[1]

Season 2[]

Charlie and the rest of the Messengers invade the temporal facility. Once the machine is hijacked, Charlie is sent back in time with the goal of paradoxing a Primary in 1957.[2] Charlie and another Messenger arrives at an unknown point in time prior to 1957. Charlie marries the Primary and unwittingly falls in love with her over time. Charlie kills his Messenger partner at an unknown point in time prior to 1957. Charlie and the Primary build a life together, with Charlie taking a job at Maxwell-Rigfield Manufacturing.[3]

Charlie befriends Cole when the latter started working in a factory in this time. He tells Cole that he should take a chance on Railly before it is too late and that he spoke from experience since his wife was terminally ill. Later Charlie's wife comes to the factory and confronts Cole and Railly. Initially resistant to paradox his wife, she soon convinces him that if he does so, they will be able to spend eternity together in the Red Forest. With that, Charlie plunges a dagger made from her own bone into his wife, causing a massive paradox and explosion at the factory.[3] However, this is soon undone by Cole.[4]


Season 2
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