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The CDC is the US federal agency tasked with the protection and maintenance of American public health.



The CDC sent a response team to fight an outbreak in Haiti, led by Jules Weitzman. Cassandra Railly and Henri Toussaint worked on this team.


At Jules's urging, the CDC hired Cassandra as a full-time specialist in viral containment.


The CDC played a central role in the global fight against the Kalavirus. Its headquarters moved to Baltimore since its Atlanta location was no longer operational. The facility was under heavy military guard to maintain quarantine, as protesters were gathered outside demanding a cure for the plague. During the pandemic, Cassandra had become the public face of the CDC, urging that the immune come to Baltimore so the CDC could study them to learn more about the plague. She died in the CDC facility.


By this time, the remnants of the CDC in Baltimore were nothing more than dilapidated ruins. James Cole and José Ramse visited the facility and retrieved Cassandra's watch from her remains.