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Cassie's Store was a bookstore originally owned by Cassandra Railly's maternal grandparents, and was registered in her mother's maiden name.


In "Mentally Divergent", Cassandra decided to use the store as a base of operations for helping Cole and as a residence because she did not want to go home. Aaron Marker was in denial until she told him to check with the District of Columbia police and ask why she and Cole were turned over to Markridge Group security and why there was no record of their arrest.

After Aaron saw Cole disappear in "The Red Forest", he sat with Cassie in the store and apologized for not having been there for her.

The Army of the 12 Monkeys invaded the store after Aaron tipped them off about its location. To stop them, Cole injected himself with a sample of his younger self's blood, causing a temporal paradox and an explosion that destroyed the store.</span>

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