The Amulet is a piece of jewelry with the mark of The Witness on it. Its notable owners include the Dr. Kirschner, Olivia, the Pallid Man, Jennifer Goines, and Jose Ramse.


1961 Edit

While interrogating Kirschner, Cassie discovers the amulet around his neck. This leads them to his lab in Berlin. After Kirschner's death, the amulet passes to Olivia.


José Ramse splinters into Tokyo with the Amulet which he received in 2043 from Jennifer Goines. It is taken away from him when he is incarcerated after stabbing Cole.


Merging the Amulet
Ramse receives the amulet back after being released from prison. As part of Ramse's initiation into the Army of the 12 Monkeys, Ramse's 2043 iteration of the amulet is brought together with the Pallid Man's 1995 iteration of the amulet, resulting in a temporal paradox that causes an explosion which turns green plants red.


While captured by the Pallid Man in the Night Room, Jennifer steals the amulet from around his neck.


A now old Jennifer Goines gives the amulet she took from the Pallid Man to José Ramse, telling him he will need it later.
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