"After" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of 12 Monkeys, and the forty-first episode overall.


A clue to breaking the cycle leads Cole and Cassie to the 1960s; Zalmon Shaw returns.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Mark Cavern as Reiner
  • Dale Samms as Man in Suit
  • P. Rodney Barnes as Hotel Manager
  • Tyler East as Pallid Teen
  • James Madger as German
  • Kaitlyn Riordon as Irate Woman
  • Michael Bodnar as Boris
  • Sergey Volkov as Kozl
  • Asia Rampel as Child Isabelle
  • Anna Fraser as Young Isabelle
  • Jennifer Vallance as Older Isabelle
  • Maddox Hayward as Child Shaw
  • Adam Murciano as Young Shaw
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