When Cole returned from 2015 after Cassie was abducted, he found a different environment. West VII was in control of the Temporal Facility and Katarina Jones, who works there, did not recognize him. After he convinced her that there were two versions of 2043, she researched and found out that Cassie was murdered in 2015. Cole got a bigger surprise when he was taken to the leader of West VII who turned out to be Ramse. Ramse told Cole that Cole had died and that Ramse had returned to West VII, killed Deacon and taken control of the group.

Cole convinced Ramse that he should let Jones send him back to 2015 to prevent Cassie's murder. Marcus Whitley disagreed and shot Jones. As she died, Jones activated he machine and sent Cole back to a date several days earlier than Cassie's abduction.

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