2043 is the base year for action at the Temporal Facility. Scientists, led by Katarina Jones, were attempting to send a number of people back in time. Cole was he most recent experimental subject. Subjects would disappear from 2043 when sent back through a process known as splintering. Subjects almost always returned to the room where a large machine was installed.


Katarina Jones sent Cole and Ramse to search for records about Jennifer Goines, who had occupied room 248 of the J. D. Peoples Mental Hospital; all of the records are on file except for the occupant of room 248.

Jones repeatedly sends Cole back in time, knowing that every time excursion weakens him and that the process will eventually kill him.

Jones sends the Project Splinter military forces to take the power source owned by Spearhead.

Cassandra Railly is sent to 2043 by an earlier version of the machine.

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