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• 7/10/2018
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• 7/7/2018

Thank you to Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett and every one involved.

I haven't been so satisfied by an ending since Battlestar Galactica.
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• 5/14/2018

Cassie's death in episode 6 season 1

Hi, already watched the 3 seasons of 12 Monkeys but wanted to watch them again before the 4th comes out. And I was wondering something, in the 6th episode of the first season, Cassie is kidnapped by the tall man and she is killed because Cole is sent back in 2043 and Jennifer thinks she is loosing it.
I think there is something strange, why would tall man kill Cassie if Olivia tells him that she is important, that she has to be ready. Why before Cole and Aaron come back to save her, she dies? 
If she dies, no plaig is necessary since cole and cassie could not have a baby and the plaig's only purpose is Cole coming back to stop it and meeting cassie.
I don't know if my question is really clear.
Why does tall man kill Cassie ?
Thank you !
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• 12/11/2017


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• 12/10/2017

Ramse and the blood treatment

Why didn't Ramse simply destroy the injections that allowed Cole to jump?
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• 8/14/2017


Is she James Cole's mother?
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• 7/31/2017

doctor raillys travel to futue

in 12 monkeys why doctor railly did not get infected after traveling to 2043? the virus was there
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• 5/19/2017

Season premiere tonight!

What do you hope to see this season? I hope they abandon the original movie plots for good!
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• 5/13/2017


I just started the series and I find it simply brilliant. On the other hand I noticed about the guy of the army of the 12 monkeys that even if his methods are often immoral, he seems to reprove those of cole as when he speaks of leland and the friend of cassandra. And also when he says something, they still believe him, at no time do they question his word as when he tells jennifer that it was school that killed her father, she believed him immediately.
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• 5/14/2016

Who is the Witness?

Who do you think the Witness is? Ramse is the Traveler. Who is the Witness?
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• 5/3/2016


I've created a new data element in the Character Infobox: primary. Placing any printable character after the equal sign will add the character to Category:Primaries. So far, we seem to have two primaries: Jennifer and Thomas Crawford Jr. I don't know if Crawford Jr. is alive or dead.
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